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About the Farm

The Beginning...

This farm was started in 1997 by Kay C. James(my mom) and myself, Shannon Lawrence. We started Yellow Rose Farm in Grandview, Texas. Why Yellow Rose Farm? My grandfather, who was born and raised in Texas, always called my mom his "Yellow Rose". My mom had just finished with chemotherapy for colon cancer and she just could not handle the horses any more. I told her to find something smaller to "play with". She found Nigerians and the rest is history.


We moved the farm from Texas back to our home state of Georgia in 2003. Since then the farm has grown, sometimes having over 100 goats at the time. (Goat hoarding at its finest..) 

(We still have grands and great grands and yes, even great, great grands from the first goats we ever owned.)

My mom and I were at the first ADGA National show where Nigerians were exhibited. That was something. Now Nigerians are usually the largest group of goats at shows.

So here we are...

We, as a breed have come a long way. My mom passed away in 2011 and I miss her every day. But the farm life is the life for me. I am so lucky to get to work from home with my goat milk and natural bath and body company. 

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