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* 1/2 down holds your choice of goat(s)


*Pick up in 7 days unless prior arrangements have been made.


* Any goat held over 7 days will incur a boarding fee that will need to be paid BEFORE animal leaves farm.


*If you are paying with a credit card, or electronic payment there will be a 4% upcharge added to your goat.


* The total amount is due at the time of pick up in CASH. NO credit card or electronic payments will be accepted.

* All goats are guaranteed healthy at time of pick up, no other health claims can be made after that.

* If, by chance, an animal develops a genetic or breeding issue that is not evident at pick up time. The goat will need to be accessed by a licensed veterinarian and the assessment given to Yellow Rose Farm. At that time, the animal will be replaced with an animal of equal value determined by Yellow Rose Farm.

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